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Modernising hardware and operating systems to enhance the customer and staff experience

Client Name

Rayburn Tours

The Overview

Rayburn Tours is a family run business. They have been operating tailor-made tours since 1965, providing services including travel, accommodation, full itinerary services and insurance. Rayburn’s ‘Concert Tours’ include the organisation of concert venues and appropriate publicity whilst their ‘Education Tours’ include maps, excursion leaflets and ‘in-the-field’ workbooks that are linked to the National Curriculum across a wide range of subjects.

Aiming to provide an outstanding and quality product that exceeds the expectation level of their customers, the majority of their staff are linguists and/or musicians- ensuring their customers always speak to a specialist in their chosen area.

At the head office in Derby, Rayburn Tours are equipped to deal with incoming enquiries, sales, marketing and the full operation of each tour from its initial concept through to delivery. However, the hardware they were using was starting to age, so they brought in GCI before disruption spread across their workforce.

The Challenge

Rayburn Tours were faced with old, deteriorating PCs and hardware across their full workforce of 60 users. The technology was threatening to cause delays and disruption to their business which needed to be resolved.

Their PC portfolio consisted of a wide variety of manufacturers, all with low levels of memory and processing that were not equipped to deal with the demands of their workload. Rayburn Tours were operating XP operating systems in almost 75% of their PC’s, and with Microsoft due to cease supporting this system in 2014, it would have led to further vulnerability across all of their units.

The Solution

To get Rayburn Tours up to date with the latest technology, GCI supplied a full replacement of all workstation hardware and updated their operating systems to ensure they were working on the latest systems. The replacement included the supply and internal configuration needed to pre-install the operating system, as well as the software and monitoring systems required on all PC’s.

The end result was a comprehensive week long installation program, swapping and installing all the new PC’s for each users work station. Everything was completed to a rigorous time schedule with minimum disruption to every single end- user, ensuring they could work as efficiently as possible and as soon as possible. By assisting Rayburn Tours in the basic familiarity of the new operating system, their service was implemented smoothly, everything supplied was modernised and they now remain a happy partner of GCI.

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