Corporate Video update from GCI

GCI News Update

As they say, experience counts for everything; including a carefully considered customer experience. GCI are passionate about our service levels, taking responsibility for our customers’ business and ensuring things happen.

GCI is a market leader in developing world class telecommunications and ICT services to business’ across the UK. Having been ranked by Investec as the 19th fastest growing privately owned businesses in the UK, the launch of GCI Channel Solutions added to this growth as one of the first providers to bring a complete suite of end-to-end solutions to the Channel; from Connectivity right through to Cloud and Voice.

GCI Channel Solutions are offering the full solution to our Partners including easy to use online tools and instant quoting, project managed installations, bid support and proactive account management, white labelled collateral and an array of pioneering products. We have committed to take partners on an educational journey through the use of workshops and unmatched support. There is no reason Partners should miss out on this lucrative market and now they don’t have too.

By empowering Partners to quote, support, and provision through self-serve tools GCI Channel Solutions are providing the keys to succeed in the IT business environment. With the support of our experienced Pre-Sales and Channel management teams we can help Partners secure high-margin, long-term recurring revenue contracts and provide their customers with the complete end-to-end experience.

GCI is uniquely positioned in the marketplace, owning its own core network, cloud infrastructure and ex-NATO datacenters all based in the UK. GCI’s entrepreneurial approach to the adaptation of new technologies and in streamlining working processes has dubbed us a market leader in IT and Telecommunications. Servicing businesses nationwide GCI boasts a turnover of above £55 million and is in a position to not only facilitate the needs of our Partners, but make them an anticipated force in the industry.