As a Partner of GCI Channel Solutions, you will be able to offer your clients a wide range of white labelled products and services, set your own margins, and receive the support you may need to take your product to market in a compelling way.

GCI Channel Solutions really is uniquely positioned in the marketplace, owning its own core network, cloud infrastructure and ex-NATO datacenters all based in the UK. GCIs entrepreneurial approach to the adaptation of new technologies and in streamlining working processes has dubbed us a market leader in IT and telecommunications. Servicing businesses nationwide, GCI boasts a turnover of above £55 million and is in a position to not only facilitate the needs of their Partners, but make them an anticipated force in the industry.

Our Products

GCI Channel Solutions is able to provide a vast array of cloud products, voice solutions and data services to Resellers. We are always improving and developing our product range to ensure we are providing our Partners with the most cutting edge technologies.

Our Online Portals

The Channel Gateway
A self-provisioning portal designed to help Resellers order and provision new applications for their clients.

With many new cloud products on the market today, an issue facing many Resellers is how to deploy these products without having to invest a high CAPEX. The GCI Channel Gateway is a clear solution to this issue, allowing Resellers to deploy products such as Hosted Desktop, Skype for Buisness, and Exchange with minimal effort. The recent success following the launch of the Channel Gateway has meant that GCI has dedicated itself to adding other mobility products to the portfolio accessible via the Channel Gateway in the coming months.

This service will allow Resellers to free up time spent on booking orders and instead focus on increasing ARPU.

Pricing Portal
Partners have the ability to self-quote on Ethernet and self-serve on Broadband. The GCI Ethernet Pricing Portal is generating 1000 quotes a month at present and feedback from the Partners has been exceptional.

Our Marketing Support

Providing Resellers with total and instant control over how to market a new product, the Playbooks includes product sheets, diagrams, word descriptions, videos, screen shots, pitch decks and pricing, all fully white labelled and available in different document formats.

Our Training Sessions

Our training sessions are designed to ensure our Resellers are getting the most out of the product set they invest in. The sessions are run by our very own in house experts and occur on a frequent basis. Our sessions are initially covering topics including how to operate the Channel Gateway and how to order and provision products to end users.

Dedicated Account Management

At GCI Channel Solutions our Account Management team are hugely experienced and dedicated to providing our Resellers achieve growth by providing the tools, products and services required to go to market and support their customer’s thereafter.